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Three Things to Know - All Over Printing Edition

Sublimation Printing, also known as all-over printing, has become increasingly popular in the world of custom apparel. You might have seen it on jerseys, activewear, and even home decor items. But what exactly is sublimation printing, and why is it gaining traction? Let's explore three key things you need to know about sublimation printing.

The Process

Sublimation printing is a unique method that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as fabric and ceramics. Here's a simplified breakdown of how it works:

  1. Dye Sublimation Ink: The process begins with printing the desired design onto sublimation transfer paper using specialized dye sublimation inks. These inks have the unique property of converting from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid state, a process known as sublimation.

  2. Heat Transfer: The printed transfer paper is placed onto the material to be printed, such as polyester fabric. Heat and pressure are applied using a heat press machine, causing the dye molecules to sublimate and bond with the fibers of the material.

  3. Vibrant Colors: As the dye sublimates, it permeates the material, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors. Sublimation printing allows for full-color designs with intricate details and gradients.

  4. All-Over Printing: One of the distinct advantages of sublimation printing is its ability to cover the entire surface of the material, known as all-over printing. This technique is particularly popular for activewear and custom apparel, where bold and eye-catching designs are desired.

Advantages of Sublimation Printing

  • Vibrant and Durable: Sublimation prints are known for their vibrant colors and durability. The dye becomes part of the material itself, rather than sitting on the surface, resulting in designs that won't crack, peel, or fade over time.

  • All-Over Coverage: Unlike traditional printing methods, sublimation printing allows for seamless designs that cover the entire surface of the material, creating visually striking results.

  • Breathable and Lightweight: Sublimation prints are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for activewear and performance apparel. The dye doesn't add extra layers to the fabric, ensuring comfort during wear.

  • Customization: Sublimation printing offers endless possibilities for customization, from personalized jerseys to unique home decor items. With the ability to print intricate designs in full color, the creative options are limitless.

Considerations When Ordering Sublimation Prints

  • Material Compatibility: Sublimation printing works best on materials with a high polyester content. While it can be used on other synthetic materials, the results may vary.

  • Design Preparation: For optimal results, designs should be prepared in high resolution and in the appropriate color profile for sublimation printing. Vector graphics are preferred for sharp and crisp prints.

  • Heat Press Equipment: Proper heat press equipment and techniques are crucial for successful sublimation printing. Working with experienced professionals ensures that the process is done correctly and efficiently.

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